Hello, I’m Kerry Weymouth. It is nice to meet you! Welcome!


My self-care journey started with giving myself a face mask on a Friday night. In my bathroom with a tube of clay mask. I am a Face Mask Friday amabassador. I’ve taught my family and girlfriends Face Mask Friday as an easy, fun,habit to take care of themselves.

 I love teaching women how to master the habit of daily self-relaxation. Self-relaxation is the action of using 10mins a day to feel inner peace and increase energy.

I used to struggle with managing my time and energy. I was always staying back late to finish my long list of tasks.


My down time wasn’t down time. My mind was always filled with the tasks and jobs I should be doing. My all my energy was going to other people and tasks that I wasn’t getting my own stuff done.

I lacked boundaries protecting my energy and time. I lacked daily supportive activities that supported my energy, time and mindset.

Through my experience constant overwhelm, I learnt an important life lesson. Self-relaxation activities must be a daily habit, not limited to a Friday or a #selfiesaturday

Switching off and feeling peace with a self-relaxation for  10mins a day has changed my life, and I know it will help you too.


I’ve been on this journey, so I can support and guide you on your own journey.


I believe

  • You create the change you believe in.
  • Life is what you imagine and believe is your truth.
  • You are more powerful than your fears and resistance
  • You always know what is best for you
  • The best way to learn is through experience
  • If you can learn one thing, apply it to your life you can create positive change

    I am
  • The founder of the Entrepreneur’s book club in Albury Wodonga
  • An an avid reader of books on mindset, business and personal development.
  • A blogger and publish blog posts to help my readers gain a new awareness.
  • A member of Denise Duffield-Thomas’s Money Bootcamp
  • A member of Belinda Davidson’s School of the Modern Mystic
  • Always hanging out in online with creative, heart-centered, money-mindset, spiritual and entrepreneurial communities.
  • A wife, mother and cat parent
  • A mentor to a high school student
  • A coffee connoisseur
  • A Sagittarius 
  • A Face Mask Friday Ambassador
  • A supporter of @Kiva and @Thankyou
  • Here for you! I’ve got your back. It is all good.xxx
    Kerry Weymouth

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