Creative Growth

I can look back in October and see how much I have grown. The monthly audible book recommendation was for Mel Robbin’s book, Kick-Ass. I’d never heard of Mel Robbins. I read a lot of books, but I’d never heard of Kick-Ass either. Curiosity got the better of me, and I downloaded the audiobook. To my surprise, Kick-Ass was fantastic! The audio book made me realize the lies that I’d been telling myself.

Who is keeping me stuck?
No, who is really keeping me stuck? Oh, that’s right, the lies I tell myself. The excuses I tell and believe that results in not doing the thing that needs doing. Does that sound familiar to you?

I loved listening to this audiobook and finished it within three days!

Scribbles Creative Writing Awards

On the Monday before the deadline for the Scribbles Creative Writing Awards, I’d convinced myself I had no manuscript to enter. I would have to come up with a brand new idea or a brand new story to enter. Then I became aware of the story I was telling myself. Was that true?

With Mel Robbins words swirling around in my head and my realisation of the lies I tell myself, I realised I did have a manuscript collecting dust in my writing folder that needed a polish.

On Tuesday before the deadline, I decided to enter the picture book storyboard category of the Scribbles Creative Writing Award. Now, I’d never done a storyboard in my life!

I knew I could draw rough illustrations. I had the words that needed to be fine-tuned. Do you know what happened? I enjoyed the creative process. Each page required thought about conveying the story through carefully selected words and the emotions of the illustrated characters. I loved my storyboard creation. I learned soo much by combining words and illustrations to convey my ideas. I was in the creative flow!

There were pages, and I felt needed to be text alone (experience gained from reading out loud daily). There were spreads where the illustrations need to be told over both pages. The emotion of the main character was expressed accurately, I felt sad.

I finished one sheet of 8 squares, and I would feel proud of what I created! I did it! I kept going! The storyboard looked awesome, and the story worked out even better than the way I had planned. Interestingly, the word count plummeted from 500 down to 376!

The spread of 28-32 was a little daunting. The ending of the story required me to draw the main character from a different angle. This particular angle was well and truly out of my drawing level comfort zone. But I was on a roll, and I was determined not to listen to the manipulator. I kept going, I had a couple of shocking illustrations, but I kept going. I used Google Images of cartoons for inspiration.

By Thursday night, I had completed my 32-page storyboard and accompanying text manuscript. I filled out my entry form and hit submit. I’ve done my best work. I enjoyed creating the story, and it’s a lovely story because it came from my experience. It feels good to release it into the world; at least someone will get to read it, as opposed to sitting in the back of my folder.

I had nothing to lose and everything to gain from entering Scribbles CWA awards.

I learned a new skill, working PB images and text together to create PB magic.

I wasn’t on the shortlist of winners. But I didn’t need to be on a shortlist. I’m already a winner. I’m a winner because I stepped out of my comfort zone to create. I’m a winner because I overcame my manipulative excuses.

I can see that my writing skills and style is ten times better than I was back in July 2019.

I have grown by entering my picture-story storyboard into this competition. Plus, I submitted my entry one day before award the deadline #winning

Exciting News
In October, I found out that I passed my blood sugar glucose test! I felt incredibly happy and relieved! Thank goodness. With the all-clear, it means I can eat chocolate!

The Caramilk Craze.
After a week of checking empty supermarket shelves, I managed to buy three blocks of Caramilk chocolate. OMG! Yes, Caramilk is as good as everyone says. I even made Caramilk slice in October! It was the best!

Until next time…keep in the creative flow!

With Gratitude
Kerry Weymouth

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