Little Unremembered Acts of Kindness

I had an opportunity to pay it forward. I noticed that Brad, the next-door neighbour who drives an antenna van, parked out the front of the units he owns. Tenants live in the units now. But a few years ago, Brad used to be my enemy because, in my opinion, he broke the building laws to build two units, which meant that I had more traffic near my house. Long story short, but I’ve done the spiritual work, the forgiveness work and moved on.

One morning I had backed out of the driveway to drive and get my morning coffee at the local drive-through coffee shop.

I pulled into the drive-through like I usually do. To my surprise, Brad and his black antenna van had pulled into the coffee drive-through right behind me. Oh, my goodness! What are the chances? In all the times I go through the drive-through coffee, five days a week, five days a week for the past year, this was the very first time that Brad (in his van) is behind me.

Well, I thought, do I pay it forward and buy his coffee for him?

I had the cash in my wallet; I had the resources to shout him a coffee. But, do I shout my neighbour a coffee? I don’t really know him that well. I don’t speak to him. I occasionally wave to him. He used to be my enemy. I would shout my friend a coffee for sure. It is a really nice feeling when someone shouts you a coffee.

Then I looked in my revision mirror, and I noticed Brad nuzzling his head into the face of his Staffy and gave a kiss on the dog’s head.

Brad is not an enemy, he is simply a man who loves his dog.

I just witnessed a special moment to remind me that we are all human, and at that moment I decided to shout his coffee.

I told Leonie at the order counter the van behind me was my neighbour, and I wanted to pay for his morning coffee. She was delighted and knew exactly what Brad orders.

It felt so good to be an engineer in sending out good vibes. I felt so good driving home, knowing that I’ve made someone’s day. It was a small gesture, but that feel-good feeling was more valuable than the four dollars I paid.

I imagined the feelgood vibes Brad experienced. I imagined him being surprised. In fact, I don’t think he would be at all familiar with who I am or the car I drive. The universe has provided me with an opportunity to choose to love thy neighbour over disliking thy neighbour.

“The little unremembered acts of kindness are the best part of a person’s life.”

William Wordsworth.

I chose to love. I chose love over fear that day, and that feeling has inspired my heartfelt creativity and writing.

In August 2020, especially in Victoria, Australia, some people have been brainwashed by fear that they have forgotten they are love. Some have forgotten to see and recognize each other as humans.

I have dug this story out of my February 2019 personal collection of stories to remind people to be engineers of love.

With Gratitude,
Kerry Weymouth

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