Why did you become a writer?
I have always loved writing, since I was in primary school. My first co-authored article, was published in the town newspaper. The newspaper editor, said that I should be a journalist. I was in Grade 5 and that was the first time someone outside my family, told me what I should do as a career. I didn’t become a journalist.

Writing has always been a big part of my life. I’m married to my high school pen pal, who I meet through a country and city letter exchange for Year 7 English class. Back when people wrote letters, because there was no home Internet, and stamps in Australia only cost 45cents.

Being a picture story book author, had been a personal goal all my adult life.
I had been on maternity leave, and I was mentoring a high school student. I wanted to teach my high school mentee to have courage and believe in himself to create his dreams. Slight problem. I wasn’t going for my own writing dream. I took inspired action, enrolled in a course to learn from Cathie Tasker. I am a Picture Story Book graduate from the Australian Writers Centre.

What is your background before writing?
After high school, I completed a degree in Marketing and Tourism Management. I’ve had roles in customer service, marketing, sales and a tourist information centre. I have always had strong communication skills.

Where did you get your idea from for The Patchwork Purse?
I went to an art gallery and bought a lovely handmade Alice In Wonderland purse for my daughter. It was a gorgeous purse! I had a dream in August 2018, about that pretty purse turning into a patchwork boat. I had liked the idea of a special purse being able to transform into another object. My advice to aspiring authors, always write down your dreams and use as inspiration.

Where else do you find inspiration for your stories?
As an adult, I enjoy going on jeep adventures with my friends and family. I find inspiration from our weekend adventures in the High Country National Parks. A visit to an art galleries is another favorite.
Most of all, I look find inspiration in the every day moments of love, kindness and compassion.

What adventures have you been on?
We have been on many 4wd driving adventures. We drove up bush tracks, through creeks, mountains and visited cattleman huts. Our biggest adventure was in 2018, we had spent 4 months looking for the Magic Forrest. A local man, took us to the Magic Forest and we had the most magical day.

What happens on your adventures?
We use walkie talkies to communicate between the two vehicle. There is no mobile phone reception in the bush. It is great fun using a walkie talkie!
Every second weekend, we go on a new adventure. I am the navigator, so I have to read maps. Sometimes we encounter challenges, like a tree over the track or a gate locked with padlocks. We have our picnic lunch in the bush.

Where are you going on your next adventure?
I’m looking forward to visiting the Witches Garden, at Mitta Mitta.

What do you like about writing children’s stories?
I love to create a strong story, that my readers can see and feel the difference in the character by the end page. It’s my job to lead the story with strong character development, engaging story line, and a powerful voice. Being a writer is like being the lead dancer. I’m leading the illustrator, we take steps together to create real magic in a book.
I love capturing the energy of a heart warming story. I know if my story touches my heart, then the story will touch my reader’s heart. Everyone’s favourite story touches their heart.

How does your writing process work?
It starts with an idea from my dream or something I have noticed during the day. I use pen and paper to come up with character profiles and plot out the story.
I walk away from writing. I cook dinner, feed my toddler or hang out the washing and more ideas come to mind. I have a specific folder where I keep all my writing ideas. I practice the skill of self-discipline when it comes to completing the first draft.

How do you react to feedback on your work?
I value feedback on my work. I don’t take criticism personally. I am a grounded person. I have done 6+ years of self improvement, mindfulness and self awareness. I have the ability to listen, with an open mind and suspend judgment. I have a strong intuition, and I trust what ever unfolds.

How do you handle rejection?
I am a resilient person. I know you don’t chop down an oak tree with the first swing of the axe. I keep turning up and swinging the axe.

When do you have time to write?
It is my responsibility to bring my ideas into life. I have a special practice to invoke my creating flow. I use self-discipline and self-imposed deadlines to make sure I finish the first draft. I don’t watch much TV.
I choose to create, and write between full time motherhood duties.
I am a goal driven person. Each year, I complete 100 personal goals and write a personal memoir for my family. I am a determined person. I value my creative energy, and allow time to bring my ideas to completion.

What author platforms do you use?
I have my website www.kerryweymouth.com. I write a blog post at the end of the month, to share with my readers about the things I have been doing.
When it comes to social media, I prefer to use Twitter @kerryweymouth and Instagram @kerryweymouth