Q. Of all the people in the self-care industry, what do you do differently that others do not?
A. I’ve been practicing self-care, Face Mask Friday in my bathroom for years, as an easy weekly habit. The women who I’ve taught Face Mask Friday to do a face mask weekly and continue take self-supporting actions.
I love getting messages from girlfriends “I’ve had a rough day and decided to a face mask tonight”. Getting messages mid week from women, proves once you have tool (an action) you can take action at home to feel better, refreshed and relaxed.
I am a teacher who walks my talk. Though my experience of overwhelm and no energy, I practice doing a self-support, something nurturing for myself 15mins a day
Q. Why should a prospective client work with you, as opposed to someone else?
A. I will only work with and teach clients who recognise the value they gain from my programs. I’m not here to teach the masses. I’m here exchange my energy with those clients who know that my program is exactly what they need to learn at this point of their life’s journey.
Q. Do you offer a money back guarantee?
A. Absolutely! I’m committed to providing a positive client experience. Whatever reason, advised us within 3 days of the program start day, that it’s not for you and will provide a 100% refund on the program fee.